ChdMuseumChandigarh”s Government Museum and Art Gallery was designed by Le Corbusier. The museum”s greatest treasure is the Indian share of Lahore”s Central Museum collection, which includes over 600 Gandhara sculptures, nearly 450 miniature paintings and exhibits in stucco, ivory, ceramic and fabric. The gallery of miniatures showcases various schools, such as Rajasthani, Sikh, Pahari and Mughal styles, while a contemporary gallery houses an eclectic collection of modern painting and sculpture, including the works of Indian luminaries Sobha Singh, Amrita Sher Gil and Vivan Sundaram. Amongst the manuscripts housed here is a collection of Adi Granths, handwritten by Kashmiri artists, including one that bears the nisan (signature) of Guru Teg Bahadur.
The star exhibits at the museum include a 2nd century AD sculpture of Hariti, the mother goddess of Buddhist lore. Carved in schist stone, and representative of Gandhara Art, it is inscribed with a date of an unspecified era in Kharoshti script. An elaborately detailed image of Padmavati, the Jain goddess, is also housed here. Dating back to the 12th century AD, she is depicted in the Sholapur style and is shown seated with lavish ornaments and a conical bejeweled crown.