chappar Chiri0959ChapparChiri has a special place in Sikh history. It was here that the Sikhs led by Baba Banda Singh Bahadur defeated the Mughal forces led by Wazir Khan. Situated a few kilometres from Landran and 20 km from Sirhind, this area was the site of the Battle of Sirhind. This battle took place on 12 May 1710.
Guru Gobind Singh ji reclaimed at Nanded an ascetic bairagi Madho Das, converting him to Khalsa with the name Banda Singh; exhorting him to continue the struggle for freedom of Punjab from the oppressing yoke of the Mughals. The Sikhs under Baba Banda Singh Bahadurs command soon embarked on a career of conquest and within a few months of his arrival in the Punjab dislodged Mughal power from the Cis-Satluj territories. Samana, Shahbad and Sadhaura were amongst the first places of importance to fall to Banda Singh who occupied the fort of Mukhlisgarh near Sadhaura and made it his capital, Lohgarh. Subsequently he came to Sirhind, detested in the eyes of the Sikhs for the executions of their Gurus sons, arid the home of the murderers Wazir Khan and Dewan Sucha Nand. He engaged Wazir Khan, governor of Sirhind, who came out to meet him with a large force. The battle was fought on the plains of Chappar Chiri on 12 May 1710. The cold blooded murder of the younger sons of Guru Gobind Singh associated with the town and its governor was still fresh in the memory of the Sikhs. They made so strong and sweeping an attack, the enemy was routed, Wazir Khan killed and Sirhind was occupied on day three of the battle. Banda Singh Bahadur quashed Mughal hold on Punjab in a brief span of seven years.
Banda Singh introduced a new calendar dating from his capture of sirhind. He had new coins struck bearing the names of Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singh. He abolished zamindari system and empowered the tillers.The success of Banda Singh affected a revolution in the minds of people. Ordinary masses were tempered to resist tyranny. The idea of a nation state long dead, once again became a living aspiration.