The border with Pakistan lies roughly 30kms from Amritsar at Attari on the Grand Trunk Road to Lahore and is one of the main access points overland to the neighbouring nation. A flag-lowering ceremony is held here daily at sunset by both sides. And along with the interactive patriotic fiesta that precedes it, the ceremony is a huge attraction for visitors. Another attraction in close proximity is the complex housing the samadh of Sham Singh Attari. A celebrated General of the Sikh Empire, he fought valiantly and is known for his last stand at the Battle of Sabraon. The grounds include samadhs of his family members, a museum dedicated to the General and his descendants, and a water tank. A similar albeit larger tank can be seen a short distance away at Pul Kanjri. It makes for a good picnic spot a stone’s throw from the fenced border.