AsafwalaWarMemorial_gal1Just seven kilometers away from Fazilka town on National Highway No 10 (now 7), Aasafwala Shaheedon Ki Samadh- a sacred memorial and War Museum in the remembrance of the martyrs of 1971 war between Indo-Pak is managed by “Shaheedo Ki Samadh Committee Aasafwala (Fazilka), with the co-operation of civil and army administration. It is an historical place to visit if you come to Fazilka. You can pay reverence towards all those martyrs who had sacrificed their lives to defend Fazilka from Pakistan aggression.
Way back in 1971 during Indo-Pak war, several valiant of 67 Infantry Brigade Battalion had sacrificed his precious life while fighting with Pakistan military near Gurmi Khera village. Before the enemies entered the village, the soldiers on India’s side geared themselves up to hit back the enemies. They were equipped with high quality guns, tanks & ammunitions etc.